Main Products

We strive to develop high-quality software tools for personal/corporate knowledge base management. Mybase software has been one of our main products since 1998, and has won many customers' support.

Mybase is an intuitive knowledge base management software that allows entry of unstructured text, webpages, images, documents, emails and even arbitrary files without regard to length or format. Unlike traditional database systems, Mybase accepts text input like a word processor, all information is compressed with an integrated zip utility and stored in the tree structured outline form.

Mybase is now available in two editions, the desktop edition and the server edition. The desktop edition is intended for best practice of personal information and knowledge base management on desktop computers, while the server edition enables databases multi-user collaborative and accessible to co-workers over network by using a modern web browser on PCs, xPads or mobile phones.

Mybase Desktop for Linux/macOS/Windows

Mybase Desktop is designed to run on Linux/macOS/Windows desktop computers with a number of utilities inbuilt for capturing, editing, organizing, retrieving, searching and sharing information, that helps build up a personal or corporate knowledge base effortlessly and helps increase productivity significantly.

Mybase Server for Linux/macOS/Windows

Mybase Server is desgined as a standalone server program running on either Linux/macOS/Windows desktop PCs or server computers without complicated configurations and software/library dependencies. At client side a modern web browser (e.g. Chrome/FireFox/Safari/Edge) is used to access databases centralized on the server, with no additional software tools or configurations required.