User Comments

Many of our customers have written to thank us. We quote some of them on this webpage.

  1. I LOVE YOUR PROGRAM and I have NEVER found anything even close to for saving internet data. YOU GUYS ARE THE BEST.

    - Neal Kruse, USA

  2. I appreciate your work in making this software available. I have not found anything that does the job better than MyBase.

    - Michael Halmarack, United Kingdom

  3. I really like mybase, its flexible and well thought out and there is hardly any learning curve which enables me to crack on with what I need to do.

    - Alan Colman, United Kingdom

  4. I've used Mybase for many years on my old laptops with great appreciation.

    - Michael Everitt, USA

  5. Just wanted to say that i love this software. I use it everyday and look forward to all future releases.

    - Greg Eddy, USA

  6. Thank you for all your assistance, everything works and you have the greatest product.

    - George Smith, South Africa

  7. Loving your software very much, after trying multitudes of outliner out there, this is the best of them all. A very robust tool. I use it every day.

    - Iwan Kelaiah, Australia

  8. Thank you for the fast delivery of upgrade key! Can't wait to use the new features of this great software!

    - Alexander Kreuzer, Switzerland

  9. Love the program. It is essential for my daily work in Technical Support to keep track of features and issues across 60 hardware/software products.

    - Casey King, USA

  10. Would you consider setting up some screenshots or even screen gifs of Mybase on the website? In my search for a good notetaker the wjjjsoft website was one of the first that I clicked onto but I must have downloaded 20 other apps (like Cherrytree and Treepad) before I even bothered to try Mybase. The lack of visual information was somewhat offputting. Perhaps this would increase sales. I chose Mybase eventually because it's stable with larger databases. I made it to 5gb before it crashed (*** didn't even get that far).

    - James Weston, Australia

  11. REALLY appreciate this AND your quick response to emails. You guys may be the last QUALITY software company left on the planet.

    - Neal Kruse, USA

  12. I changed my operating system to Linux Mint. I own a license for Mybase ... There is nothing so good!

    - Joao Ricardo Vieira Leite, Brazil

  13. Many thanks for your prompt and useful responses, as always! I am most grateful!

    - Mark Wong, Singapore

  14. Really appreciate Mybase. Great software. Most useful. Use it every day. I also use evernote and onenote, but for many uses Mybase is just the best solution.

    - Peter Wirth, Switzerland

  15. The program is great. I am using it more all the time.

    - jt fleming, USA

  16. I LOVE your software. It is critical to my work.

    - Neal Kruse, USA

  17. I have been using Mybase since about 2000, both at work and at home, and I think it is an excellent product.

    - Rob Steedle, USA

  18. I've used Mybase for several years now and it continues to be one of the most useful programs I've experienced.

    - Michael Everitt, USA

  19. Oh well, I'm just pleased to have the program back to it's proven reliability. I really like the program for gathering information where I can find it easily later on such as a Red Cross job I've been assigned. Thank you very much for your help and quick response!

    - Daniel Hutchinson, United States

  20. Mybase is a really great soft !!!

    - BRAUN roland, France

  21. FYI, I use Mybase all day every day. Great WORK!!!!

    - James Menke, USA

  22. Mybase is doing a great job saving me lots of time and probably also Money.

    - Niels Erik Karkov, Denmark

  23. Thanks for such a solid, dependable tree hierarchical application.

    - Ronnie Banks, United States

  24. Thank you for your prompt reply. It is nice dealing with a company that has excellent support.

    - john wilkins, United Kingdom

  25. I do a lot of archival research, and your database offers a simple yet very efficient way of organizing transcriptions. Congratulations on having developed such excellent software.

    - Anatole Tchikine, Ireland

  26. As already stated by many other users around the world Mybase is the best note-taking software available! I tried many other programs but nothing comes close to your software! I don't know how I managed to live without this great tool! Please keep up the good work!

    - Alexander Kreuzer, Switzerland

  27. I have tested Mybase. I have tested aprox. 15 Outliner. From Webrecherche to Treedbnotes. I do not know why i can't find Mybase earlier. Anyway, I think i have now found the best outliner i can get. Today I have bought a license ...

    - Norbert Muller, Germany

  28. I tried your suggestion below of using the link to install, and it worked beautifully with Pale Moon. Thank you! I've used Mybase for years now, and I have never found another software to compare in functionality. Thanks and Best Regards.

    - Gregory W. Eanes, USA

  29. Lastly, I would like to say that I have used Mybase for many years and I think that it's the best free-form database (for my purposes). I have tried Evernote, OneNote, Surfulator and others but have never found a product that has been as well designed and supported as your product. Keep up the good work!

    - Brian Sumida, USA

  30. First of all, I just wanted to let you know that I am VERY satisfied with my purchase of Mybase Desktop. For my use, it is by far the best product out there. With my file available through Dropbox, I am extremely flexible and able to work wherever and whenever with my files. Other products that I have evaluated couldn't handle a large database (>100MB), but Mybase doesn't lag and is just as quick, even if the database is 10 or 110 MB of size.

    - Atle Hardarson, Norway

  31. I have been using Mybase for a while now and I do like it :-) I have been evaluating other "Note/Information" type products that are PC based as I don't want web based sharing of my own personal information. All of the other products lack some thing, typically the ability to work with either full rich text or more specifically binary information such as images. Your products does this best ...

    - Mark G. Perry, Beijing

  32. I've been using Mybase for many years now and am very happy with the product. Can't "live" without it!

    - Preben Saxlund, United Kingdom

  33. Great program. I rely on it more and more everyday.

    - Chris Bain, Australia

  34. I licensed Mybase to write a book. Actually, in addition to Mybase, I downloaded (and in some cases licensed) many similar products, including NoteMap, MyNotesKeeper, NoteTab Pro, OneNote, Black Hole Organizer, SuperNotecard, etc., etc. But I chose Mybase and so far I'm very happy with it. I've typed two-thirds of the book (around 90,000 words) into Mybase and it still opens lightning fast. The file size is less than 300k. Amazing! Also, I've exported portions of the book as plain text and flowed them into Adobe InDesign with no problems. I've been recommending Mybase to the folks at Disney who are helping me with the book and I plan to credit the software in the Introduction (with a link to your site, of course) as a key component in enabling me to finish the book on schedule.

    - Bob McLain, USA


    - Alan Rubin, USA

  36. In all the years I have been messing around on computers, this is the only shareware program I have ever bought. You have created such a simple, powerful program that has made my life so much easier. I really want to offer you my thanks.

    - Sean Simpson, USA

  37. Thank you very much... It is a real pleasure working with your company.

    - Donald Morrison, USA

  38. Thank you very much and congratulations for the nice application you made. It is really what I need. Cheers.

    - Antonio Barroca, Switzerland

  39. This is a great program and is helping me tremendously in my doctoral studies.

    - Ronnie Bryant, USA

  40. The Mybase Desktop is a gem - easy, flexible and practical.

    - Brendan Holly, USA

  41. I purchased a Personal License several years ago. I use it heavily and love it.

    - Talbert Jeff, USA

  42. By way of compliment, I will say I have tried a dozen or more Notes Managers in the past week and read a prodigious thread on one of the forums, but I grew depenedent on Mybase while compiling information on writing research papers... The clean screen approach is very very nice. It plays ball very well with my screen reader and has presented no issues at all. Very nicely done.

    - Mitchell Lynn, USA

  43. Mybase in my opinion is the best of its kind and affordable.

    - Michael Lambert, United Kingdom

  44. I just sent the order of Mybase Database earlier today through paypal platform. I have to say this software is fantastic! I love the idea of making executables and tree-form structure. I also have some suggestions to the software ... Thanks for your hard work :D. This one is much superior than OneNote on loading time and organization methods. I perfer blue and black buttons to fancy looking CPU hawks.

    - Yechen Qiao, USA

  45. I appreciate your product very much and use it daily.

    - Kurt Woodham, USA

  46. Very much thank you for making the Mybase program and still updating the interface. It is the program that I use most, besides the normal Office programs.

    - Rene van der Velde, Netherlands

  47. I appreciated your prompt and helpful response. Mybase is a program I use daily to store information and keep records. It is very useful.

    - John Hitchcock, New Zealand

  48. Can I also say, while I'm here, that your helpful, prompt responses to this sort of query are greatly appreciated, and part of the reason I decided to buy Mybase.

    - Emma J King, USA

  49. I've used Mybase for over 4 years now and it is one of the very best software solutions I have used.

    - Fuad Habash, USA

  50. I have been a Mybase user for a year or so and am quite happy with the product. I'd like to add a couple suggestions... It's a very flexible product and I'm sure there are things I haven't thought of. Keep up the good work!

    - Andrew Fabbro, USA

  51. I tried other free-form databases that were purported to be "the best". My opinion: Mybase is the most complete easy-to-use free-form database. I also use Paradox but that is for a different kind of record-keeping in which one needs filtering and recasting of data.

    - L. Wiener, USA

  52. what a nice app this is. I will, for sure, recommend it some people who can use this app. IT IS GORGEOUS!! My compliments for this nice piece of work. Keep me posted about updates, by all means!

    - Boudewijn Lutgerink, Netherlands

  53. I am recommending your products to my friends and clients. Keep up the Good work... The only reason I am writing, I want you guys to succeed, since you guys put a lot of effort into Mybase. Thanks again.

    - Mark Carsan, Canada

  54. Thanks for this great software you bring to us! I use it every day!

    - draco doc (a user who received a free license from us for great feature suggestions)

  55. I am your client, and use Mybase more than 5 years. Mybase is great one!!!.

    - Jun Zhou, China

  56. Thanks for your quick response. It's really a good software, thank you.

    - Percy Pan, China

  57. I would like to thank you for a truely useful piece of software. I have some suggestions for you to consider... Again can I say that my experience so far has been overwhelmingly positive. I have been waiting 20 years for a piece of software like this to get things organised. I hope you have produced the next killer app.

    - Guy Stubbs, Australia

  58. I am a current user of Mybase and very satisfied with the software.

    - Martin Montellano, USA

  59. Again, congratulations on a great program package. I use it constantly. Please do not misunderstand my intentions in reporting these problems. I am hoping to see you perfect the Mybase program. It is so close to exactly matching my requirements. It is the best program of its type that I have found. Thanks!

    - Ron Madsen, USA

  60. I am still working with the desktop version with extreme happiness!.

    - Rene van der Velde, Netherlands

  61. I'm working every day with Mybase writing my PhD, I wouldn't manage without it.

    - Romi Rancken, Finland

  62. I have an earlier version of Mybase which I am very happy with. I also purchased the plugins -- WebCollect in particular... Thanks! And thanks for an excellent product.

    - Rick Grehan, USA

  63. I am finding Mybase invaluable in organising my collections of notes and data, I wish I had discovered it sooner! ... I am finding the software very powerful and easy to use. Many thanks for your time.

    - Steve Skinner, United Kingdom

  64. I've been a user of the desktop edition for a few years now and love it. Have recommended it to multiple people who also now love it. Thanks.

    - Brent Phillips, USA

  65. So I am happy, you have a great program I use now for years, it is very stable and I use it every day. Thanks.

    - Hans Stam, Netherlands

  66. I really appreciate that and i start using the benefits of your excellent software.

    - Panagiotis Grapsas, United Kingdom

  67. Just wanted to say that we appreciate the great work you're doing on this product. I've used it for more than 3 years now and it is as solid as a rock. It speaks a lot to your abilities as a programmer and developer. Thanks for everything.

    - c_newtonne

  68. I really love Mybase and have used it for three years now. Nothing else I can find compares ... Thank you for an excellent product! crexpertise.

    - Garland Baker, USA

  69. I bought Mybase some days ago and I am quite impressed and satisfied by your software ... All in all Mybase is by far the best software available (and I think I tested almost every available "text-database").

    - Christian Gredler, Austria

  70. I have used Mybase in 30 days and just purchased the software and I must say it is a wonderful piece of software. It is clear and simple in the best meaning of the word. I am very happy to have found the software. It makes my day much simpler and is already a great help for my next book.

    - Per Neergaard Henrichsen, Denmark

  71. Please keep up with the good work. I am not trying to be flattering. You just don't know how much I depends on Mybase Desktop in my daily work.

    - CW Man, Hong Kong

  72. I greatly appreciate your product. It is well constructed, very agreeable to work with and most of all, free of bugs.

    - Murielle Fournier, Canada

  73. In general, I am finding that Mybase provides superb ergonomic design. Of all the tools I've used, this one is by far the most pleasing. I think the design must be very clever, because of all the other tools, Mybase makes it easier for a chaotic and creative person to become very organized, very quickly! Thank you!

    - Ian Goldsmid, New Zealand

  74. First let me say that I enjoy Mybase. For it purpose Mybase is an excellent product. I'm looking forward to upgrading ... Please keep up the great work. Your hard work is making my work more enjoyable.

    - Carl Yateman, USA

  75. Thank you very very much! I have been using previous versions of Mybase for many years and Mybase is as indispensable to me as my computer! Mybase beats all other products in it's class (I have tried them all) and absolutely clobbers OneNote. Please keep up the great work! I also just started using your calculator and I think it is one of the most innovative approaches I've seen.

    - Rebecca Y. Boote, USA

  76. I have been a happy user of your Mybase Desktop product since April 2004.

    - Alan Brisbon, USA

  77. Thanks for your suggestion. I have installed Firefox and can successfully collect the webpage to Mybase, that's great! I feel really satisfied with your support!

    - Xiong Junying, Singapore

  78. Mybase is a terrific tool for keeping track of the million and one little tricks and tips that I need for my job everyday. Without it, my cubicle would be a sea of PostIt notes.

    - Daniel Cescato, USA

  79. First of all I would like to tell you that Mybase 5.1 is fast becoming the most used application here. It's great!

    - Jannik Lindquist, Denmark

  80. Great product, great value, and a great policy to provide one-year upgrade to the latest major release. I absolutely love Mybase, thank you.

    - Jordan Dankowich, Canada

  81. Thank you for your help. I really love your software and I use it every day to produce my Daily talk radio show in Dallas.

    - Joey Smith, USA

  82. I have been using Mybase for more than a year. My research demands are quite high and I have to say that I am completely thrilled. I have two very large files. One collects together all my research information and the other is a timeline of human history with relevant information for each key date. Until I found Mybase managing these two demands was very difficult, but now it is so easy to input new information and access what I have already done. I wonder if it is possible to make more people aware of Mybase... thank you so much for developing an affordable product that goes beyond expectations. If only all software products were like this!!

    - Dr Paul Blackham, United Kingdom

  83. Thanks very much for getting back to me so quickly. I have really found your product to be very solid and reliable, and it's integration with the Internet and browsers has been particularly helpful. Thanks again.

    - Jeffrey Cranford, Canada

  84. I love Mybase and I use it regularly.

    - Yves Hetu, Canada

  85. Mybase is the best product in the free-form DB category. The safest, the most scalable, and the most stable. I have 20 websites I check weekly for competitor products. Up to date, I have not seen any to come close to Mybase.

    - Fuad Habash, USA

  86. Great ~ Mybase is an excellent works~ And this is the first software I decide to pay in the first sight of it(^^*).

    - hs_cup

  87. Brilliant programme - couldn't work without it!

    - Derek Bridges, United Kingdom

  88. I do agree with all what you guys pointed to. Mybase has one leading edge on all its competitors and that is the DB engine it uses. Extremely stable, very efficient compression, and safe (never lost data). Please do not take this for granted. Just go out to test other products and you will see what I'm talking about. I tried every known product in this category. Mybase is a great program. Thats why I decided to buy it after a looong time testing different software.

    - Fuad Habash, USA

  89. I fully concur. As a matter of fact, as a freeware enthousiast, Mybase is the only paying program I am working with!

    - Herman Boel, Belgium

  90. I have been using Mybase for a couple of years now and find it utterly indispensable. Thank you for developing this great program, one of those that people don't realize until they've tried it how much they can't live without it.

    - Matt Friedman, USA

  91. I think your program is really good. The add-ons work swift and are very useful. Really practical!.

    - Louis Heynsbroek, Netherlands

  92. I've tested a lot of outliners, searching the web, and I found Mybase the most convenient!

    - George Tsoupras, Greece

  93. I am very pleased with your product. I only wish I'd come across it years ago.

    - Steven Bartley, Canada

  94. This is one of the best programs, it does everything! highly configurable, I've recommended it to others. Thank you!

    - Patricia Patton, USA

  95. I just wanted to drop you a line to say "Mybase Saved My Life!" Before Mybase, I tried OneNote, Outlook Notes, EnFish, Post-It notes (paper and computer), Documents, Spreadsheets, and many of the "idea organization" products available. Each one was good at one or two types of information, but none of them would allow me to collect all of the information I needed. Only Mybase allows me to store, link, and view all the pieces of information related to one given subject in one place. I use Mybase to manage logins, passwords, serial numbers, important e-mail, important files, linked or embedded documents, hand-typed notes, web pages, pictures, and links to other existing Mybase notes. You can NOT do all of this so quickly and easily with ANY other package! Doing research would be nearly impossible for me. I am a software consultant, and many times my clients ask me "which is the best product to do.....". Mybase allows me to create an organized list of each product I find that matches the criteria, list the pros and cons, literally store important web pages related to each product, then wrap all of that information into a single self-executing file that I can send to my client (or take with me to do a presentation). I never have to worry about having something installed, access to the Internet, etc. during my presentation. I also perform maintenance on about 30 servers located in several states. Using Mybase, I can store location information, configuration information, screen captures of important screens, web pages, and all of my security information for each server/office in one place. Mybase is a godsend! Keep up the great work!

    - Paul James, USA

  96. Thanks for your great program. I don't know what I'd do without it.

    - Sam Candler, USA

  97. I think 'Mybase' is the best program of it's type that I have used.

    - Bruce Mitchell, Australia

  98. I love Mybase. It is saving me lots of time already. An item for your wish list... Once again. Thanks for the good work. You have taken a good idea, and turned it into a really useful application.

    - Mike Oldroyd, United Kingdom

  99. Love this program!

    - Terri Hagerty, USA

  100. First of all, let tell you some developers follow standards and others set them. The concept of your product, its implementation is truely the standards developers need to follow. Having test-drove at least 30 other software in same category in persuit of the ideal one, your's by no doubt is the the very first top one. I've pruchased and used ADM adm21.net which prooved to be of a great concept, yet it's immature and needs major work. I downloaded your product and played with it yesterday. I would like to share with you my first impression of it and your web site as well. I think 1st impression is the most critical step... here you are:
    - the layout of web site is very efficient and easy to navigate. You develope a full idea of it in ease and convenience.
    - your documentation of product e.g. featuers, history, plugins is one of the best documentation I've come across in my IT profession. Very comprenhesive and thorough.
    - logic that went behind Mybase is certainly clear and hits upon what every researcher needs straight to the point. Great logic.
    - the implemetation of the GUI is simple yet powerfull. No sacrifice of function for fanciness like MS onenote.
    - The feautes are unparalleled and no others software (out of the 30 I tested) even comes close to implementing them.

    - Fuad Habash, USA

  101. OK, thanks a lot. I like Mybase still more and more. And strange enough, it seems that every time I find some new and valuable function!! Keep on doing such a good work!!

    - Eric Lorup, Switzerland

  102. I really appreciate the reminder/alarm function you implemented recently, it's great.

    - Keith Buckner, USA

  103. ... Thanks tons. Excellent product. I've mentioned Mybase to all my friends. I use it in my writing research A LOT!

    - Rick Grehan, USA

  104. Well, that was so many months ago -- in the meantime, I have purchased Mybase from you, which I use every day. (You have been so incredibly quick to answer my questions that I've sent to you in the past.) Thank you. (And thank you for providing such an incredibly great program. I just told an online friend to download it and try it, and that if she told me that she loved it as much as I do, I will purchase another key from you, for her.)

    - Jay Savera, USA

  105. Thank you! Your service so far is marvellous! But in this case I of course should have looked at the Options window! (As a matter of fact I hadn't even looked at any of the tabs in webcollect window ....!)

    - Richard Noren, Sweden

  106. I just purchased a license for Mybase (personal edition) a couple of hours ago along with the plugins. It was highly recommended from friends so I downloaded and purchased the license at the same time. This is a wonderful program.

    - Sylvia Lutnes, USA

  107. I collect a lot of great tips from emails, forums, web pages, etc. I was having a tough time keeping it all organized and easy to access until I discovered Mybase.

    - Rik Rasmussen, USA

  108. Your program is just wonderful -- efficient and well thought out.

    - Clayton Carlson, USA

  109. still Mybase is my favorite tool to organize all my important docs, ideas, links, ... information of any kind! As I am a typical lazy user, thanks for that great piece of software!!

    - Eric J. Lorup, Switzerland

  110. I just want to say how impressed I am with Mybase altogether - especially the web integration - with the add on. I've tried countless 'similar' products and Mybase really is a hidden gem. Thank you!

    - Ian Goldsmid, New Zealand

  111. Love Mybase and always automatically load it at start up!

    - Ian McKinnon, Hong Kong

  112. You've got a solid product!

    - Ade Mabogunje, USA

  113. A very useful program.

    - Gordon King, USA

  114. Love Mybase. Can't imagine my research without it.

    - Daniel Loyd, USA

  115. Excellent program, though I'm a FileMaker Pro programmer I use Mybase a lot!

    - Jan Sterenborg, Netherlands

  116. I have recently purchased Mybase for personal user, and very much like the versitality!

    - Patricia Patton, USA

  117. Thanks very much for your excellent support! For years I've used a combination of AskSam, InfoSelect, SurfSaver, and Amigo to capture and store various different pieces of research--finding all of these capabilities neatly in one Mybase package was a dream come true.

    - Gary McAvoy, USA

  118. Great program! I use it for research, demos, and presentations. One of my favorite features is the ability to export my info into either a stand-alone viewer or into an HTML tree! thanks!

    - Rusty Divine, USA

  119. I have been using the network-based Mybase. Bravo! I love the way I can access my database across the Internet now.

    - Glenn Berkshier, USA

  120. A short test just convinced me of the ingeniousness of your software and I bought immediately!

    - Eric J. Lorup, Switzerland

  121. Thanks again for making such a great app! To do my daily work without Mybase would be unthinkable; I'd be like a carpenter without my hammer.

    - Matthew Deaner, USA

  122. Thank you! Mybase is turning out to be one of the best software purchases I've made.

    - Charles Beasley, USA

  123. Still the finest program I have ever used. Thank you very much for making my life easier, more organized and more productive every day!

    - Barry Slade, USA

  124. By the way this export to HTML is gonna make me look like a genius. so kudos to whomever created it, and for that matter Mybase itself.

    - Kevin Cook, USA

  125. I'm enjoying your product. I'll certainly be looking to use the FastMove plugin in future as normal move is slow. I spent about 3 days looking for a suitable personal knowledge base and by far your product shone above the rest I looked at. Keep up the good work and I look forward to being a long term client.

    - David Sambell, Australia

  126. Thanks again for speedy reply. Mybase has enabled me to get onto the internet fairly painlessly!

    - Chris Hulbert, United Kingdom

  127. A great tool! Thank You.

    - Philipp Nagel, Germany

  128. I want to say that I really find Mybase useful in particular in saving web pages. I used it to collect my medical papers.

    - G Butrous MD PhD, United Kingdom

  129. By the way, I just want to say that I have been using Mybase for several months now. It has proven to an extremely reliable software product. As a software developer, I can appreciate how difficult that is. Not only is it extremely reliably, but a piece of software that I rely on extremely. I don't see how I worked without it before. Thanks.

    - Peter Morrone, USA

  130. Thanks again for such a great (and well supported) program! I just can't live without it!

    - Matthew Deaner, USA

  131. The $xx I spent on Mybase was one of the best buys I ever made. I continue to be astounded by its usefulness and versatility. Once again... thanks, and keep up the great work. I'll be spreading the word on Mybase.

    - Matthew Deaner, USA

  132. Only that Mybase keeps on being the best.

    - Valdemar, Brazil

  133. I've been using the trial version of Mybase for a few days, and I'm really impressed. I find the attachment handling truly innovative -an incredibly well thought out and unique concept. I'm also impressed with the program's capability of handling large database sizes (apparently not emulated in any other basic freeform database program - though InfoSelect comes close, it bulks past 100 MB). The database engine is truly awesome -amazingly fast, stable, configurable, and all the while seamless in operation to the user; you really do forget you're using a full-fledged database and not just a text editor, but you enjoy the benefits of having the database (data integrity, large file sizes, compression). ... Thanks for making such a great (and affordable) program! Thanks for your thorough response - I went ahead and bought the program with all the plug-ins - and I consider the $xx I paid for the application to be a bargain - especially considering your upgrade policy!

    - Matthew Deaner, USA

  134. What can I say? This is an AWESOME program! I'm using it for several knowledge bases right now, but I know that there are several other uses I haven't even gotten to. I especially like the fact that I can export the info as an HTML file, or even send a copy of the database to someone as a read-only .exe. Fantastic job! Thank you

    - David W Orr, USA

  135. I've been using Mybase for a few months now and think it's a great program. I use it for my writing projects and it's great to have all of my research at my fingertips. I have a couple of suggestions that, I think, would make Mybase even better... All together Mybase is a great product. Thanks!

    - Parker Dubberke, USA

  136. I have NO complaints, at all. I use this program everyday; it is my main source of information repository. I collect a lot of information from the Internet. The web capture features are very valuable.

    - Gordon Smith, USA

  137. Mybase is an absolutely marvelous piece of software. I have been using Mybase extensively for the past couple of weeks. After this trial period, I am very glad to purchase a license. I have used various outliners/hierarchical organizers over the years and this one is really the best I have ever seen. There are a lot of really useful features. You can tell by the details that you are a very thoughtful software developer. I am an attorney in the US and find Mybase a very useful tool for my law practice. I also use a couple of software products similar to outliners/organizers: Correlate and AskSam. As a matter of fact, I had planned to use AskSam to organize my research files, a fairly daunting task. AskSam is not a hierarchical organizer, but is a free-form information database that uses powerful and fast searching tools to "organize" info and documents. After using Mybase for a while, I have decided to use Mybase for my research file projects. I think a hierarchical organizer is better suited for the job, and I think Mybase is up to the task. I really like the ability to output Mybases to HTML trees. This is an incredible tool. Both Correlate and AskSam have a similar function, but this functionality costs thousands of dollars in both products. The fact that you can provide this functionality at this price point is incredible. The WebCollect is also an extremely useful tool. I have used many web capture products and this is the best as well. In fact, AskSam has a companion product, SurfSaver, which purports to do the same thing as WebCollect. Your product is far better. I think people should buy this product for WebCollect alone. Over the past couple of weeks, I have compiled a Wish List (on Mybase, of course), which are basically notes of features I think would be great in future versions of Mybase. I thought I would share these with you. I do not know if any of these ideas are workable or worth the trouble (as I am not a programmer). Please do not take these suggestions as any kind of criticism of Mybase. Your product is fabulous. I send you this Wish List only because I intend to use your product for a long time and had some ideas to make my life easier. I also apologize for the length of the Wish List (and this email) as I have been compiling these notes over the course of several days. Please contact me if you have any questions. Thank you for your very useful product.

    - Bruce Priddy, USA

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    - Jeff Walker, USA

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    - Qing Yan, China

  145. You are the programming master sir !! The seekbytime dll works great !! I just downloaded it and have played with it a little, it looks as if it will suite all our requirements. I also think it will be a nice addition to your suite of add-ons. I will drop you an email with any other "ideas" or comments we come up with. Regards, Walter (a very happy Mybase user !!)

    - Walter Roth, Canada

  146. Terrific Program! Since I bought it I am very happy using it to build my Knowledge Base on various topics. Very good job!

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  154. I love very much your nice program, it is a fine combination, the Mybase and the WebCollect I have started to use both as a database for background frames (colors) for websites I make websites and if I look for a suitable (border) background, I look in the Mybase.. But the possibilities are enormous, in a month I go to St. Malo with my family and I have collected information and photo's about the region and it is all VERY nice.. Thanks for your nice program! If I find a bug or something else that's maybe strange, I'll let you know.. Have a good weekend.. Hans

    - Hans Stam, Netherlands

  155. I tried a number of other programs of this nature, but decided on yours because it was the only one that I tried that had this capability, and its other functions seemed more logical to me. I think it can help me a lot in my work. If I have any more questions or suggestions, I will definitely contact you in the future. Thanks again for responding and congratulations for developing such a good product.

    - Jim Augeri, USA

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  160. Just registered My Base and began using it over the weekend. I'm absolutely flabbergastic by it's array of useful features... so much so, that I began gleaming all my data from other Knowledge bases that were somewhat adequate but incomplete solutions. I basically searched for long and hard for a program that would run my Knowledge bases from a CD, so that I would not have to place the program on my client's computer as I travel frequently as part of my job. I believe this solves my problem. Thanks for a great program! I seriously can find no fault with this programs features. Which leaves me with only a minor Wish List Item.

    - Darryl J. Lindsey, USA

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    - Alan J. Rubin, USA

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    - Keith Davidson, USA

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    - Robert D Haggerty, USA

  166. Interesting piece of software! Maybe you could add a feature for building pages of image thumbnails so you can really include personal photo albums as well as all the other info. Perhaps integrate a sound file player? I've only been using it for a couple of days, but so far it looks useful - certainly a lot better than many other programmers with similar objectives.

    - John Clift, Netherlands

  167. ... All in all though, your program is a great find. It does exactly what I want and I've introduced it to users on a PowerUser Software list to which I subscribe. It deserves some publicity. :-) Thanks for your time and congratulations on a fine piece of work. PS// I forgot to mention that it's also very stable here on my Win2k SP2 system.

    - Allie Marti, Jamaica

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