Nyf2InnoKB Database Converter

What's Nyf2InnoKB

The Nyf2InnoKB is a database converter which helps convert myBase .nyf files into InnoKB 2.x compatible databases.

System Requirements

To run this utility, you'll need a PC running Microsoft Windows 2000/XP/Vista, with appropriate IFilters installed precedingly for parsing and indexing documents.

How To Use

To convert a .nyf file into InnoKB database, please follow this,

  1. Run this utility (nyfconn.exe) on Windows;
  2. Select a source .nyf file to convert;
  3. Determine the target database ID for InnoKB; The ID will be used to create a sub folder which can be then moved into InnoKB repository folder;
  4. Press the [Convert] button to start converting;
  5. Move the sub folder (named with the given ID) into InnoKB database repository folder;
  6. Restart InnoKB server to load databases including the new ones from within the repository folder;

Note that:

  1. If the .nyf file was password protected, the password must be cleared before converting;
  2. It's recommended to use only ASCII characters in InnoKB database IDs, which will go into URLs encoded in UTF-8;
  3. InnoKB database ID can be changed by simply renaming the DB directory. Before doing so, be sure first to stop/suspend InnoKB service;
  4. Before converting, be sure to remove any existing sub folders named with the same ID; Or you may want to choose a different database ID;

How It Works

This utility converts the following parts from within myBase .nyf files into InnoKB;

  1. Each tree item containing RTF/Html notes or attachments creates a corresponding info item within InnoKB; Note that:
    • The default RTF note goes into the content of the target info item, but without formatting data, only plain text are preserved;
    • If no RTF notes in a tree item, the first HTML document (if any) goes into the content of the target info item;
    • Any additional attachments are stored as attachments within the target info item;
  2. Each tree item having child items creates a corresponding label item at its original tree level; Child items will automatically be labelled with the label, i.e. the folder where it originally resides;
  3. Custom labels (namely: categories, tags) are copied into InnoKB as labels without changes;
  4. Custom icons (namely: categories by glyphs) are converted into labels, the associated items are labelled accordingly;
  5. Symbolic links (namely: virtual nodes) are treated as labels, and the target items of the symlinks are labelled accordingly;
  6. Item links (namely: related items) are copied into InnoKB as they were;
  7. Index data file is generated during the conversion and ready to use by InnoKB server;

About Indexing

This utility produces index data (__db_index.dat) while converting .nyf databases to InnoKB 2.x. This utility parses those familiar documents (.html, .rtf, .doc, .xls, .ppt, etc.) by using either Windows IFilter or the inbuilt DLL filters; For additional documents, you'd want to install third-party file filters. For example, PDF IFilter for parsing .PDF documents Note that filters for .html, .rtf, .doc, .xls, .ppt, etc. are already inbuilt and ready to use on Windows 2000+; The index data can also be created/updated from within InnoKB adminstrative control panel.

Free Download

To download this utility, please visit our download site.