Upgrade Policy

Registered users are entitled to obtain minor software updates and bug fixes free of charge; Or, upgrade to a major release for a discounted price.

If a major version is released in less than 12 months after your initial purchase, you're entitled to receive the major version upgrade free of charge. Feel free to request a free upgrade license if applicable.

Software Updates (Minor release): Updates are minor feature additions, enhancements and bug fixes, within the same version number, e.g. v5.x.x, v6.x.x, v7.x.x etc. All registered users can receive software updates of the same major version free of charge.

Software Upgrades (Major release): Upgrades are major release which functions/features have been changed or added to the software, with a change in the major version number, e.g. 5.x, 6.x, 7.x etc. A purchase of the Upgrade License is needed in order to get the Software Upgrades.

Cross-platform Software Upgrades: Cross-upgrades are separate software release for differnt OS platforms (Linux, Mac OS X, and Windows). A purchase of the Cross-upgrade License is needed in order to get the software for another OS platform. For example, If you've purchased (or upgraded to) v7.x for Windows, and would also like to have a license for Linux (and/or Mac OS X), the Cross-upgrade license for Linux (and/or Mac OS X) is needed.

Should you have any questions about the upgrade policy, please contact us.