myBase Desktop 7.x ChangeLog

Version 7.3

  1. Added: support of MathJax for Markdown; The online (CDN) version of MathJax is used by default. If you already have a local copy of the MathJax library extracted in the file system, the folder location can be specified in the [Options - Content] dialog box to enable the local copy for speed up;
  2. Added: the Lock screen feature; The lock screen can show up to keep the user interface hidden after being idle for a few minutes or the main window minimized, and a passcode can be set in the [Options - General] dialog box for user authentication on unlocking the user interface.
  3. Added: in the attachment pane, an option to paste image data from clipboard as .png attachments;
  4. Added: in Markdown/Html/Rich content editor, ability to paste image data from clipboard to first create .png attachments and then insert the image links;
  5. Added: in Paste special dialogue, an option to specify a filename to save image data as attachment file; In the case that only image with no other data applicable in clipboard, Paste special is the default action on pressing Ctlr+V or Command+V, so you can choose the method saving the image data; This behaviour can be disabled in the [Options - Prompt] dialogue.
  6. Added: ability to insert images to HTML/Rich/Markdown contents by dragging from in attachments pane;
  7. Added: support of html format in the plugin utility [Edit - Insert - Insert quick text], as long as quick text are precedingly saved as .q.html files;
  8. Added: a file utility to help make incremental backup of local disk folders based on file names, sizes and timestamps;
  9. Added: for the Mac version, a symbolic link to /Applications added into the .dmg package for the convenience of installation by dragging-dropping;
  10. Bugfix: a fix to make the History menu open up much faster than ever before;
  11. Bugfix: in Markdown editor, hyperlinks and images with titles specified not syntax-highlighted;
  12. Bugfix: when item dragging-dropping done in the outline tree, icons of relevant info items not updated immediately;
  13. Bugfix: in Rich/Plain text editors, text containing long words may not correctly be wrapped;
  14. Bugfix: exporting rich text in UTF-8 to CHM, it may produce gargage characters;
  15. Bugfix: in the search edit fields, the previous phrase not highlighted on focused;
  16. Bugfix: for the Windows version, when copying selected text from in the popup text box, the UNICODE paragraph-separator not replaced with line-breaks;
  17. Minor changes;

Version 7.2.3

  1. Bugfix: failure exporting branches as .nyf files;
  2. Bugfix: failure creating new database files;
  3. Improvement: less latency on working with Removable drives (e.g. USB sticks);
  4. Minor changes;

Version 7.2.2

  1. Bugfix: attachments may abnormally be loaded into Plain text editor as binary files when opening from in the Search results window;
  2. Added: support of syntax-highlighting for .r source files;
  3. Improvement: more stabilities on working with Removable drives (e.g. USB sticks);
  4. Minor changes;

Version 7.2.1

  1. Bugfix: in some cases user's info may be incorrectly saved;
  2. Bugfix: webcollect addon didn't work with iframes in sandbox w/o allow-modals;

Version 7.2

  1. Added: the Auto-index feature for contents to be automatically indexed when saving changes made to the contents;
  2. Added: customization of Tabstop width for the rich/plain text editor;
  3. Bugfix: a leaf item in outline view didn't upgrade itself with a 'folder' icon when a child item is added;
  4. Bugfix: in the advanced search form, it didn't search user input label text containing blankspaces;
  5. Bugfix: in Markdown contents, hyperlinks to attached documents not working;
  6. Bugfix: in Markdown contents, images attached as shortcuts not working;
  7. Bugfix: in the middle results list view, sorting by labels not working;
  8. Bugfix: for Windows, it may fail to import/export documents with filenames containing Non-breakable spaces (0xA0);
  9. Bugfix: in Rich text editor, attached images named with Non-ASCII characters not working;
  10. Bugfix: for Windows, in the outline/label tree view, the icon zoom factor didn't apply to the Expand/Collapse buttons;
  11. Bugfix: in HTML editor, pasting text copied from the rich editor may mess up HTML contents;
  12. Bugfix: during indexing, the tokenizer didn't work with Non-breakable spaces (0xA0);
  13. Bugfix: the first time clicking on the History popup menu may drop changes recently made to current text content;
  14. Minor changes;

Version 7.1

  1. Added: rewrite of the WebCollect addon for Mozilla Firefox Quantum;
  2. Added: updated version of the WebCollect addon for Google Chrome;
  3. Added: the syntax-highlighting rules for Markdown to render with font styles and colors in Plain text editor;
  4. Added: the syntax-highlighting rules for Rust & CSS languages for Rich/Plain text editor;
  5. Added: the option: Open .md documents in edit mode;
  6. Added: the option: the source code viewer can be set to either of the Html/Rich/Plain text editors;
  7. Added: the plguin: Edit styelsheet for Markdown document rendering;
  8. Added: the plguin: Edit styelsheet for source code syntax-highlighting for Rich/Plain text editor;
  9. Enhancement: show some more accurate info on specific document types in content header bar;
  10. Enhancement: updated version of the Markdown document renderer;
  11. Enhancement: updated version of the source code syntax-highlighter for HTML editor;
  12. Enhancement: enabled to scroll text content down to the first match occurrence while typing in the Find/Replace panel;
  13. Enhancement: enabled to use fixed pitch font family for source code viewing in Rich text editor;
  14. Enhancement: ability to export HTML tree with souce code highlighter enabled for Markdown documents;
  15. Enhancement: ability to export HTML tree with attachments listed at bottom of resulting HTML documents;
  16. Bugfix: in Rich text editor, the Shift-Tab key didn't set focus back to the outline view;
  17. Bugfix: in the outline view, it may lose focus when pressing Up/Down arrow keys to navigate between outline items;
  18. Bugfix: in Import files as attachments.js, it may run into problems with the error message: sFn not defined;
  19. Bugfix: in Edit plain text.js, modified contents may not be reloaded;
  20. Bugfix: the jsapi plugin.refreshDocViews() didn't work properly, it may wrongly display contents of another info item;
  21. Bugfix: the font/color tool buttons and user-defined stylesheets didn't work when no selection in Html/Rich text editor;
  22. Bugfix: in syntax-highlighter, tag rules may run into conflicts and incorrectly highlight tags in Rich/Plain text editors;
  23. Bugfix: it may fail to export attachments while selecting the doc-type of the current info item;
  24. Bugfix: it may fail to create new attachments while selecting the doc-type of the current info item;
  25. Bugfix: the clipboard monitor may not function while selecting the doc-type of the current info item;
  26. Bugfix: the item links in exported HTML Tree pages didn't work properly;
  27. Bugfix: js source code may not be syntax-highlighted when opening inplace from the attachments list;
  28. Bugfix: the Insert code block plugin may not work with in Rich text editor;
  29. Bugfix: the item links in exported HTML Tree pages didn't work properly;
  30. Bugfix: a different doc-type may incidentally be set when pressing Enter key immediately after the new doc-type is chosen;
  31. Minor changes;

Version 7.0.0 Beta-27

  1. Added: new content editors for rich/plain text editings; For each new info items, the default content can be initialized in either of the 4 document formats (HTML, Rich Text, Plain Text and Markdown); and the HTML editor, Rich text editor and Plain text editor are integrated for inplace editing of item contents; Comparing with the HTML editor handling web contents/layouts well, the rich/plain text editors are more effective and efficient for simple word processing and text editing; The rich/plain text editors also support syntax-highlighting of source code with 20 familiar programming languages supported for now;
  2. Enhancement: efforts on making almost all existing plugins and utilities compatible with the newly added 3 document formats;
  3. Plugin: Edit - Change content type, which allows to change default item content to one of supported formats (HTML, Rich, Plain or Markdown) by selecting an applicable attachment or creating a new document; The old item content (if existing) will be preserved and renamed as an ordinary attachment file;
  4. Plugin: Share - Export page as image, which helps save the current content as an image file;
  5. Plugin: Share - Export PDF document, which helps save the current content as a PDF document;
  6. Plugin: Tools - Find duplicate files, which helps detect duplicate files in specified disk directories;
  7. Plugin: Tools - Compute file digest, which computes SHA-1/2 hash values of the specified files;
  8. Enhancement: added the 'Include sub folders' option in Tools - Compare folders;
  9. Enhancement: allows to change font name/size/colors for currently focused views/panes by simply using the main toolbar, without having to open the Preference/Options dialog box;
  10. Enhancement: with in the outline view having input focus, selecting the Font name/size/colors from the main toolbar with the Ctrl or Shift key held down, it applies to the currently selected info items individually; By default, without Ctrl or Shift key modifiers, it changes the default display attributes of outline tree;
  11. Enhancement: allows to set custom style for individual info items by using user-defined stylesheets;
  12. Enhancement: allows to keep the last visited items in the config file and restore the history menu at next open;
  13. JSAPI: new plugin APIs: plugin.openDb(), plugin.closeDb(), CCanvas::renderHtml(), CLocalFile.digest(), CByteArray.digest();
  14. Bugfix: on Mac, the applied labels on the content header bar may flicker while typing in the HTML editor;
  15. Bugfix: on Mac, the shortcut key Command+delete is implicitly pre-defined by WebKit as the Go Back command, that can cause the current contents to suddenly disappear in the HTML editor;
  16. Bugfix: on Windows, it may crash on saving huge HTML contents with length of 80MiB+ in a single document; Avoid inputing 80+MiB in a single HTML document;
  17. Bugfix: hyperlinks to bookmarks inside the same document not working after exported; Applies to Share - Export HTML Tree & Export HTML content;
  18. Minor changes;

Version 7.0.0 Beta-26

  1. Enhancement: more extensive and sophisticated syntax highlighting feature integrated. No matter whether source code are inserted as snippets in text contents, or inserted as attachments, they will be automatically highlighted when opening. Currently 168 programming languages and 80 styles are supported. Plus, source code snippets embedded in Markdown .md attachments will also be highlighted automatically when opening. With in the Options - Content dialog box, there're 80 different styles available to choose for render source code snippets; Tab characters in source code will be replaced with a series of blank spaces; You can customize Tab width in the Options - Edit dialog box
  2. Plugin: Edit - Insert code block: which allows to insert a code block into the current text content; Source code contained in the code block will be automatically syntax-highlighted in the language you specify
  3. Added: an option to enable mouse wheel for content area to zoom in/out. Use Ctrl+Wheel on Windows and Linux, Command+Wheel on Mac
  4. Added: a prompt window to confirm whether to discard changes when pressing Esc with in the 'Edit plain text' window
  5. Bugfix: it may crash on Pasting special with no RTF contents available in clipboard
  6. Minor changes;

Version 7.0.0 Beta-25

  1. Add-on: new version of Webcollect addon for Google Chrome (Linux, MacOSX, Windows), which allows to capture webpages (or snippets) from Google Chrome and save into the current database; To install the new version Webcollect addon, select the 'Tools - Install Webcollect Host for Chrome' menu item, then proceed to Google Chrome WebStore and add Webcollect addon to your Chrome web browser; Once the installation completes, you will find the 'Save with myBase 7.x' menu item when right-clicking on a webpage. By default, it tries to save entire webpages; In order to save a portion of a webpage, try to first highlight the portion; Note that the new version webcollect is now available for Linux, MacOSX and Windows, and works with myBase 7.0 Beta-25 or later, but not compatible with earlier versions of myBase, since Google Chrome 45+ removed the NPAPI interface, and old versions of myBase have no idea of how the new Webcollect transmits web contents.
  2. Add-on: new version of Webcollect addon for Mozilla Firefox (Linux, MacOSX, Windows), which allows to capture webpages (or snippets) from Mozilla Firefox and save into the current database; To install the new version Webcollect addon, navigate to Firefox AMO and add Webcollect addon to your Firefox web browser; Once the installation completes, you will find the 'Save with myBase 7.x' menu item when right-clicking on webpages. By default, it tries to save entire webpages; In order to save a portion of a webpage, try to first highlight the portion; Note that the new version webcollect is now available for Linux, MacOSX and Windows, and works with myBase 7.0 Beta-25 or later, but not compatible with earlier versions of myBase, as old versions have no idea of how the new Webcollect transmits web contents.
  3. Enhancement: added an option to disable the Find-as-you-type feature, so you can press Enter to start searching after typing a find string
  4. Enhancement: in the outline/lable tree view, pressing Left arrow key collapses the current item (branch) if it is expanded, otherwise, jump to its parent item if applicable; And pressing Right arrow key expands the current item (branch) if it has child items and is collapsed
  5. Enhancement: drag-and-drop info items to create symlinks under current info items
  6. Enhancement: added the Find/replace panel under the HTML content area for the convenience of finding/replacing/highlighting text in the HTML editor
  7. Enhancement: minor tweaks for less confirmation alerts when searching with outdated index data
  8. Enhancement: added an option to auto-detect regular expressions with in the Advanced search form and Search as-you-type toolbar; If a search phrase is typed in with a pair of forward-slashes surrounded, and optionally with an lower case 'i' followed, like this: /pattern/ or /pattern/i, it'll be recognized as a RegExp when running the query, the optional lower case 'i' indicates ignoring case when matching text. If you search RegExp with this option disabled, you will need to manually check the 'Regular expressions' radio-button from in the Advanced search form to explicitly set it as RegExp; If the 'Regular expressions' radio-button is checked, the surrounding forward-slashes can be omitted, but one thing, it's nowhere to apply the 'i' option, it by default seaches without case. Generally, it's recommended that you always have the 'Auto-detection of RegExp' option enabled, and type RegExp with a pair of forward-slashes surrounded, this way, searches are case-sensitive, and the 'i' option can be used to ignore case; The 'Auto-detection of RegExp' also take effects with the Search as-you-type toolbar.
  9. Enhancement: ability to paste RTF text into the HTML editor from other Windows applications
  10. Minor changes and bugfixes

Version 7.0.0 Beta-24

  1. Improvement: in the search/tag results list, keyboard navigation is now enabled, the Up/Down arrow key moves the current selection, and the Enter/Space key triggers the currently selected result item
  2. Improvement: on the content header bar, an advanced location bar is added, which displays location of the current content and allows to navigate through child/sibling items by using dropdown menus; The advanced location bar can be disabled from in the Options dialog box
  3. Improvement: for consistency of contents of attachments externally opened, any changes made to the attachments within external applications will be actively captured and imported into the database. And pressing the Save button attempts to capture external changes again (if changed since last capture) in case of failure capturing the external changes when the document has the exclusive open mode with external applications. For each successful capture of external changes, that will be saved as a new revision and trash the previous revision. If the file has been saved multiple times within external applications, it would produce the same number of revisions within the database
  4. Improvement: for convenience of making hyperlinks in HTML editor, it tries to detect and extract an url from selected text and initialize the link field with the url in the dialog box
  5. Improvement: auto-detect URL when pasting plain text in the HTML editor
  6. Improvement: an option to display abstract text or more info in the tooltip window when the mouse cursor hovers over outline items, attachments and results
  7. Improvement: in the tag results pane, allows to drag info items and drop on label tree view to make associations with labels
  8. Improvement: better performance in multi-selecting and dragging-dropping within outline/labeltree/attachments/results panes
  9. Improvement: auto-scrolling and auto-expanding during drag-drop operations
  10. Improvement: highlight hotspot items with a different color than the default selection color during drag-drop operations
  11. Improvement: ability to move multiple selected info items or attachments by dragging-dropping
  12. Improvement: added a confirmation action menu for attachments drag-drop operations
  13. Improvement: in the search rseults pane, matched words are highlighted in tooltip
  14. Improvement: in the advanced search form, the edit box gets focused by default
  15. Improvement: in the HTML editor, the zoom factor is kept with in the ini file
  16. Improvement: customizable keybaord shortcuts for bookmarks
  17. Improvement: use combo-list for customization of Table CSS
  18. Improvement: rewrite of the calendar widget for a new look
  19. Improvement: localization of common color names
  20. Improvement: insert html table with inline CSS properties, in case that CSS are absent in the document's <style> section
  21. Improvement: added text encoding in the HTML editor's context menu, for loading contents with a specified encoding type; maybe useful to resolve garbage characters
  22. Improvement: added http/socks5 proxy server configurations for downloading images
  23. Improvement: added an option to show lines in the labels tree view
  24. Plugin: Detect text encoding, which tries to detect and then display the encoding type of a given text file
  25. Plugin: View file in hexadecimal, which shows contents of a file in the specified range in the hexadecimal format
  26. Plugin: Export current content as a .html document, with images embedded into the resulting HTML document in the base64 data format
  27. Plugin: Open current content/attachment externally with associated applications, external changes will be automatically captured and saved into the database
  28. Bugfix: the & character not shown on menus
  29. Bugfix: UTF-8 text files without BOM not working; This fix scans the given character sequence in a file and tries to detect if it is possibly encoded in UTF-8
  30. Bugfix: the hotkey Ctrl+C (Copy selected HTML contents) not working with embedded images
  31. Bugfix: attachments named the '#' character not working; For URLs, the '#' is a special character; it's not recommended to use '#' in any file names especially when the filenames are used/linked with in HTML contents
  32. Bugfix: in the image gallery view, applying label and calendar not working properly
  33. Bugfix: in Html2Text conversion, &ensp; &emsp; overlooked and may produce garbage characters or question marks on Windows
  34. Bugfix: workaround to eliminate malformed CSS attributes when copying HTML contents from MS-Word
  35. Bugfix: during drag operations, the dragging image may overlook 'duplicate' items which have the same titles
  36. Bugfix: item-links may not work in generated CHM ebooks

Version 7.0.0 Beta-23

  1. Added: the 'Relative path variables' feature
    This feature allows to define a list of variables of folder locations and create hyperlinks/shortcuts linking to documents inside the folders with the variables automatically applied; Values of the relative path variables can be re-assigned to help maintain consistency of the file links in case of any changes of the folder locations, without having to modify or recreate all existing hyperlinks and shortcuts;
    For convenience, a few variables have been predefined for the common directories; For example, ${HOME} stands for the current user's home directory, ${DB} for the directory where the current .nyf database file resides, and ${TEMP} the system-defined temporary folder location; Therefore, a typical file link with relative path would be like this 'file:///${HOME}/sub/dir/filename.suffix' when you insert a file link or shortcut from in the home directory, or 'file:///${DB}/sub/dir/filename.suffix' if in the .nyf database folder.
    So you may want to define additional variables to substitute for other particular folder locations; For example, ${DL} for /Users/uid/Downloads, or ${DOC} for /Users/uid/Documents, and/or ${SERVER1} for the UNC path //Server1/sub/dir, etc.
    Relative path variables used in hyperlinks/shortcuts will be evaluated when opening the file links or exporting HTML contents to local file system; The following plugins support this feature: Capture - Import directory tree, Import files as child items, and Share - Export CHM project, Export directory tree, Export HTML tree
    Note that nested variables are currently unsupported.
  2. Plugin: File - Maintenance - Define relative path variable, which allows to add, modify and remove a relative path variable; Variable names accept A-Z, 0-9 and underscore, while values are the target directory paths without trailing slashes; Defining a variable with the value filed left blank to remove it.
  3. Plugin: File - Maintenance - Apply relative path variables, which searches the current database for hyperlinks and shortcuts and attempts to apply relative path variables if applicable; This could be useful if you have previously inserted a lot of hyperlinks and/or shortcuts before this release.
  4. Improvement: the option to determine if the default HTML content should go into edit mode when opening the info item, and another option to determine if attached HTML documents should go into edit mode when opening the documents inplace; By default, the item's default HTML content goes into edit mode when opening, so you can edit the content in the HTML editor without having to manually toggle edit mode; whereas attached HTML documents should stay in readonly mode to prevent accidental modifcations, as they're usually contents captured from the web or imported from file system, no editings are required in most of cases; If in the case that you'd want to make changes to a few HTML documents, first open the documents and then right-click in the HTML editor and select 'Edit/rename' menu item to make it editable; If this is not the case and you'd like to change the default behaviour, open the 'Options' dialog box and select the check boxes under the 'Content' tab;
  5. Improvement: the context menu on database tabs with commands: New database, Open database, Close database, Close all databases, Close other databases
  6. Improvement: an option to customize color of user interface; Select the View - Options menu item then pick a color for the user interface
  7. Improvement: an option to customize color of database tabs; Right-click on the database Tabs and select the 'Tab color' menu item
  8. Improvement: the integrated text viewer/editor comes with some more options/utilities, such as word-wrap, copy to clipboard, etc; and supports find-as-you-type, an option to keep and restore the font size; and a bugfix to replacements in text with empty string
  9. Improvement: syntax-highlight: added MathLib keywords, constants and function calls; MathLib .m source files will also be rendered by syntax-highlighting when opening inplace, with a solution to resolve conflicts of .m suffix between objective-c and mathlib by detection of characteristic tags and syntax
  10. Improvement: ability to change the database tab position by dragging-and-dropping the tabs
  11. Improvement: ability to jump to the position/paragraph inside the document last visited when jumping back and forth between info items; Surely you can also define a bookmark to permanently save the position in the database
  12. Improvement: keep focus in search results pane so you can select items by using the keyboard, and press Enter/Space to trigger the currenly selected item
  13. Improvement: Capture - Import directory tree: for HTML documents, it also tries to import linked images from the accompanying sub folder (e.g. ./xxx_files), and skip the accompanying sub folder when recursively running into sub directories; In addition, a bugfix to the javascript date/time garbage characters, and improvements with hyperlinks imported and formatted as HTML table
  14. Improvement: Share - Export directory tree: it also handles shortcuts and file:// hyperlinks, and original documents linked with HTML contents if present will be copied into the target directory
  15. Improvement: Capture - Import MS-Word documents: a smart way to imports accompanying images if any
  16. Improvement: press Enter/Space to trigger items from the saved searches list
  17. Improvement: Share - Export CHM project: automatically decode embedded image data (BASE64) and save as image files, so the images can be viewed normally in CHM digital books without having to upgrade to the latest version of IE web browser
  18. Improvement: Organize - Display statistics: it also gives the current item's location text and ssg-path info
  19. Improvement: with in the outline view, press Ctlr+C to copy the selected item titles
  20. Improvement: clicking on the attachment indicator icon opens the attachment pane
  21. Improvement: within the HTML editor, the scrollbar position can be restored when switching info items back
  22. Improvement: Add attachments: for local HTML documents, it now imports accompanying images as attachments and alter image links accordingly to point to the attachments
  23. Improvement: within the content header bar, a popup menu is displayed when clicking on the item title, to indicate the item's location info
  24. Improvement: Copy link location: it copies the current URL text as well as a snippet of HTML containing the hyperlink, so it can be pasted as a hyperlink in other documents
  25. Improvement: Copy (Ctrl+C or Command+C) now copies full HTML contents with accompanying images (if any) cached in a temporary folder, so you can paste the HTML contents in other documents without losing images; The cached images in temporary folder will be cleared at next copy operation, and the last one is automatically cleared at exit
  26. Improvement: in the advanced search form, the Search button supports a popup menu, which gives some more options, and a list of recent searches, so you have the convenience of quickly running recnet queries without having to re-fill out the search form
  27. Improvement: in the search results pane, clicking on the title text displays a popup menu, which lists the recent searches, clicking on the recent searches, it simply lists out the correcsponding results, so you have the conveneice of reviewing the recent search results without having to re-perform the searches
  28. Improvement: when pasting plain text in the HTML editor, a string of blank spaces with the custom Tab width substitutes for the '\t' character
  29. Improvement: in the advanced search form, added a checkbox for labels, and added the Search in results option, which allows to do a further search in the previous results list
  30. Improvement: faster performance on searcing for partial words, it only searches the entries in range, instead of going through all entries in the database
  31. Improvement: an option to determine if or not to show a decorative frame surrounding the associated calendar date within the outline view
  32. Bugfix: URLs with percent encoding not correctly decoded while indexing/searching
  33. Bugfix: Edit - Find/replace not working with empty strings
  34. Bugfix: pasting HTML content from Chrome web browser makes redundant tags as a complete html frame was copied in addition to the selected contents
  35. Bugfix: Capture - Import files as child items, it may fail to import accompanying images in sub-directories containing special characters
  36. Bugfix: certain dialog boxes not activated when a secondary dialog box exits; This usually happened after picking files or folders
  37. Bugfix: Copy link address not working on Mac
  38. Bugfix: in the Undelete items dialog box, the 'trash' icon not shown correctly in the description
  39. Bugfix: current changes in HTML editor not precedingly saved before performing export-sepcific operations; Note that almost all exporting plugins retrieve data from the database storage instead of current views
  40. Bugfix: Share - Export CHM/HtmlTree: attempts to get rid of scripts from HTML contents in case of conflicts and incompatibility
  41. Bugfix: _CLocalFile::launch() not working on Mac/Linux
  42. Bugfix: failure loading unicode text files encoded in UTF-16LE/BE and UTF-32LE/BE;
  43. Bugfix: pressing ESC unexpectedly closes the results or relation pane when it closes a dialog box;
  44. Bugfix: Capture - Import contents as HTML (MS-Word, files, etc): tries to keep date last-modified as original, even though the HTML source is altered for image embedding
  45. Bugfix: the size hint of item titles within the tag results list is incorreclty calculated with a customized UI font size
  46. JSAPI: CByteArray::percentEncoded(), percentDecoded(), saveToFile(), CLocalFile::writeBytes(), platform.formatDateTime(), CNyfDb::applyRelativePath(), evalRelativePath(), makeFileLinkWithRelativePath()
  47. JSAPI: CLocalFile::saveText(str, codec); for saving text in UTF8/16/32 or any other supported charset/MiB
  48. JSAPI: added plugin.deferDeleteFile() and platform.deferDeleteFile(), to schedule temporary file deletions; The former schedules a file deletion at the plugin completes, while the rear at the application exits
  49. Minor fixes/tweaks/changes

Version 7.0.0 Beta-22

  1. Added: the 'Character set' option for non-Unicode circumstances e.g. Sorting text by Chinese/PinYin, Resolving gibberish characters
  2. Added: a tab widget for the advanced search form and saved searches list in the separate panes
  3. Added: the mouse wheel scroll-up/down action to zoom in/out content in the HTML editor
  4. Added: the 'Format brush' feature which enables to handily apply text style from current selection to another part of text contents, like using a paint brush; A mouse click on the 'Format brush' tool button to use it once, double-click to keep it active
  5. Added: an option to enable using file system icons for outline items (the drive icon for root items, folder icon for branches and file icon for leaf items); Or the default/inbuilt 'cube' icon is selected for info items, and the default icon is loaded from the image file './images/ico_infoitem.png'
  6. Added: support of cross-database hyperlinks, which allows to make hyperlinks to info items saved in different .nyf databases; It's required to first have target databases open before making cross-db hyperlinks
  7. Added: backward compatibility for hyperlinks created within earlier version 5.x
  8. Added: an indicator icon for info items being loaded as Image gallery
  9. Added: support of boolean operators (AND, OR) for searching labels
  10. Added: support of boolean operators (AND, OR, NOT) for searching partial words
  11. Added: an option to search currently selected branches in the Advanced Search pane
  12. Added: a decorative frame for associated calendar date with in the outline view
  13. Plugin: File - Maintenance - Merge database, for merging newer revisions from a specified .nyf database into the current database
  14. Enhancement: an option to display colorful labels; The color is extracted from the associated custom icons
  15. Enhancement: ability to save/restore the list header of the attachments/results views
  16. Enhancement: handle Chinese characters in search phrases with Find-as-you-type
  17. Enhancement: new algorithm to allocate unique IDs for each info items, to help the DB-Merge utility to resolve/avoid conflicts
  18. Enhancement: in the hyperink eidting dialog box, bookmarks will be listed in a separate window, that substitutes for the popup menu, as menu items scrolls up/down slower;
  19. Bugfix: v5.x legacy hyperlinks not working
  20. Bugfix: bookmarks not working with new/empty info items
  21. Bugfix: corrections to the default focus policy within confirmation popup windows, the 'Yes' button has initial focus for Save-specific operations, and the 'No or Cancel' has initial focus for Deletion-specific operations
  22. Bugfix: shortcuts not working when exporting attachments
  23. Bugfix: the plugin 'Export text without formatting' not working
  24. Bugfix: trashed items may not be listed in Undelete mode if no any other sibling items existing
  25. Bugfix: in the HTML editor, changes not saved when loading image gallery
  26. Bugfix: on the main toolbar, shortcut keys not shown in the native format on Mac OS X
  27. Bugfix: defnote/attachments not matched on searching index+labels
  28. Bugfix: in the image gallery mode, screen may flash when switching over to another picture
  29. Bugfix: in the image gallery mode, no more than 12 images shown in the left side bar
  30. Bugfix: in the hyperlink editing dialog box, the OK button is not enabled after editing the hyperlink
  31. Bugfix: in the HTML editor, pasting plain text containing special characters (U+0085, U+2028, U+2029) not working
  32. Minor fixes/tweaks/changes

Version 7.0.0 Beta-21

  1. Plugin: Custom search scope
  2. Plugin: Custom page margin
  3. Plugin: Open folder location of shortcuts
  4. Improvement: enabled to open attached documents externally with the original file names
  5. Improvement: options to customize default paragraph attributes
  6. Improvement: enabled to center an info item on opening from the Query-results or Item-links pane
  7. Improvement: enabled the outline to auto-scroll when dragging info items over the edge of the view
  8. Improvement: allows to drag Query results and drop into the outline view, to make item links
  9. Improvement: allows to customize the main menu bar; Sub menus can be put onto the main menu bar
  10. Improvement: for Windows, the keyboard_shortcuts.ini can be preserved while re-installing; for Linux/Mac, the keyboard shortcut settings will be saved in the user's HOME directory
  11. Improvement: for Linux/Mac, the config file (.myBase7.ini) will be saved in the user's HOME directory, so all the configurations can be retained when reinstalling new versions; Nevertheless, the command line parameter '-portable' forces myBase to load/save configurations from/in the program's install folder instead, so it can be running as a portable version from USB sticks
  12. Improvement: for Mac, the new UI style is applied to the main tool bar and tool buttons
  13. Added: the 'Add info items' menu item within the Lable/Calendar view
  14. Added: the new logo image file
  15. Added: the option to customize directory path to save index/backup files
  16. Bugfix: the Ctrl+Open hotkey accidentally causes the database to lock as Readonly
  17. Bugfix: the program may crash when the 'Find as you type' action re-enters
  18. Bugfix: garbage characters may appear in the Revision History list on non-English platforms
  19. Bugfix: the default icons not imported on creating new databases
  20. Bugfix: the program may crash on Mac when pressing Close button while a popu menu is active

Version 7.0.0 Beta-20

  1. Plugin: Syntax highlight for source code (C/C++, Javascript, Java, C#, PHP, SQL, Perl, VB, Delphi, Ruby, GO, R, Python, Bash, Objective C, Swift, etc.)
  2. Plugin: Insert quick text from a list of user-defined *.q.txt files
  3. Plugin: Set background color of selected cells in HTML table
  4. Plugin: Resize HTML table
  5. Plugin: Resize selected columns within HTML tables
  6. Plugin: Edit data fields [key=value] within a fillable form
  7. Plugin: Custom table style for sophisticated (IT) users to edit CSS properties for the current table with in a fillable form
  8. Plugin: Add comments on the currently selected HTML content (paragraphs)
  9. Plugin: Import MS-Outlook items
  10. Plugin: Import Mindmap items
  11. Plugin: Export spider diagram
  12. Plugin: Export ePub digital book
  13. Plugin: Export Mindmap document
  14. Plugin: Export data records to CSV file
  15. Plugin: Export text with indentation
  16. Plugin: Recover database
  17. Enhancement: enables item HTML content to embed (link) local images stored in the database folder
  18. Enhancement: enables the plugin 'Edit plain text' to work with .md documents
  19. Enhancement: auto-load preferred markdown content (md attachments) if any existing in an info item
  20. Enhancement: auto-load preferred source code (c/cpp/h/java/js/py/mm... attachments) if any existing in an info item, with source code syntax-highlighted
  21. Enhancement: auto-load image gallery for info items that only contain image (jpg/png/gif/bmp) attachments
  22. Enhancement: attempts to download linked images via http when copying HTML content from web browsers
  23. Enhancement: refactor most of existing js plugins with the new JSAPI input() function for better usability
  24. Enhancement: more HTML table editings (table/columns resizing, background color, and custom style)
  25. Enhancement: define bookmarks for paragraphs inside HTML content
  26. Enhancement: more features with the Reminder window
  27. Enhancement: click column headers to sort plugin items
  28. Enhancement: check/uncheck individual text attributes on defining stylesheets
  29. Improvement: better performance with inserting plain text into HTML content
  30. Improvement: better performance with listing labelled info items
  31. Improvement: clear extra spaces and returns in Html2Text parser
  32. JSAPI: added a new parameter into plugin.setTextContent(), for loading HTML content or non-HTML content to be rendered and displayed in the HTML editor
  33. JSAPI: added a new function plugin.setDomReadonly(), for toggling the readonly or editable flag within the HTML editor
  34. JSAPI: changes to the API function plugin.getSelectedAttachments(), for consistency with the new API Specs.
  35. JSAPI: added a new function input(), for displaying multiple input fields in a popup window
  36. JSAPI: added the CAppWord class and relevant member functions, for data exchange with MS-Word via OLE-Automation
  37. JSAPI: added the CAppOutlook class and relevant member functions, for data exchange with MS-Outlook via OLE-Automation
  38. JSAPI: added the CByteArray class, for maniplulating a series of bytes within an Array
  39. JSAPI: added the CZip class, for creating and accessing .zip archives
  40. JSAPI: added the CCanvas class, for painting and drawing with in-memory canvas
  41. JSAPI: added a new function platform.getClipboardText(), for retrieving text content from Clipboard
  42. JSAPI: added a new function platform.setClipboardText(), for copying text content to Clipboard
  43. Added the 'List unlabelled info items' utility
  44. Added a few pre-defined stylesheet items
  45. Added the dialog box for inserting custom HTML table
  46. Added the 'Open default content' and 'Auto-select to open' tool button on the content header bar
  47. Added the 'Custom styles' for individual info items to be highlighted in different font name/size/styles/colors
  48. Added the 'Delete' button in the 'Attachment - Open with' dialog box
  49. Added the 'Show lines' option for the Outline tree view
  50. Added the 'Find/Replace' function in the 'Edit plain text' and 'Edit Html source' plugins
  51. Added the 'Font size' option in the 'Edit plain text' and 'Edit Html source' plugins
  52. Added the 'Bookmark' button in the 'Edit hyperlink' dialog box
  53. Added the 'Line spacing' option for default HTML formatting
  54. Added the 'Including trashed entries' option for replicating .nyf database
  55. Added the 'Markdown' option in the [Attachments - New attachment] menu
  56. Added the 'search all opened database' option in the Advanced Search form
  57. Added the backup policy, custom backup path and relevant options
  58. Bugfix: the outline pane may not show up if the pane was kept hidden at last exit
  59. Bugfix: the 'Replace text' utility not working in the HTML editor
  60. Minor changes;

Version 7.0.0 Beta-19

  1. Tool button: 'Insert hyperlink ...'
  2. Tool button: 'Insert attachment link ...', with multi-selection enabled
  3. Allow to copy/paste cells/rows/tables from MS-Excel
  4. Auto-import linked images (if any) when copying HTML contents from MS-Word
  5. Bugfix: ignore duplicate image links when copying online HTML contents
  6. Bugfix: backslashes not working when copying HTML content
  7. Bugfix: hyperlinks to local files (e.g. file:///d:/dir/...) may not work
  8. Bugfix: custom icons' label text not replicated while replicating database
  9. JSAPI bindings for MS-Word (Windows)
  10. Plugin: Export MS-Word outline (Windows)
  11. Plugin: Import MS-Word outline (Windows)
  12. Bugfix: a bug in the HTML document parser with self-closing <img /> HTML elements may cause the program to crash during indexing/searching
  13. Bugfix: custom text styles (bold/italic/underline) not working for new item content
  14. Show item titles on the status-bar during indexing
  15. Workaround: within the inbuilt HTML editor, Text Input Method not working well on dark backgrounds (HSV:V<128)
  16. Added the Capture/Share menus; The Capture menu contains 'Import ...' specific utilities, while the Share menu contains 'Export ...' specific utilities
  17. Plugin: Tools - Reveal internal data, which allows to view and modify internal data files; Do not modify internal data files by hand unless you have to fix broken links
  18. Enabled clipboard monitor to download linked images when copying web contents from web browsers or MS-Word
  19. Enabled clipboard monitor to copy contents from MS-Word/Excel including tables/cells/images
  20. Added the Paragraph menu, which contains the paragraph specific formatting utilities
  21. Added: Paragraph - Single line spacing, One and half line spacing and Double line spacing
  22. Bugfix: line-spacing not working well with multiple paragraphs selected

Version 7.0.0 Beta-18

  1. WebCollect addon for Mozilla Firefox (Windows)
  2. WebCollect addon for Google Chrome (Windows)
  3. Context menu: Copy image
  4. Context menu: Copy image URL
  5. Context menu: Save image as
  6. Context menu: Resize image
  7. Context menu: Rotate image
  8. Auto-download linked images (if any) when copying HTML content from web browsers
  9. Auto-grab linked images (if any) when copying HTML content from MSWord
  10. Drag-drop embedded images into the attachment list to save the image data as attachments
  11. Drag-drop attached png/jpg/gif/bmp files into HTML editor to insert the images into HTML content
  12. Drag-drop non-graphic attachments into HTML editor to insert hyperlinks
  13. Drag-drop info items into HTML editor to make hyperlinks; The CTRL key modifier is needed to be held down while dragging info items into current item content
  14. Support of hyperlinks to attachments stored in either current or any other info items; Clicking on a hyperlink triggers the linked attachment to be open externally with the associated program
  15. Edit - Text Utilities: Make selected text fields into HTML table
  16. Edit - Text Utilities: Make selected text upper/lower case
  17. Edit - Text Utilities: Sort selected text lines
  18. Edit - Text Utilities: Remove unwanted spaces from selected text
  19. Customizable zoom level for tool buttons, so it can work with high resolution monitors
  20. Display a lighter text in database Tabs with unified title bar on Mac
  21. Substituted inbuilt file parser for external txt/htm DLLs to parse text/html content during indexing and searching
  22. Added the monthly calendar view
  23. Drag-drop .nyf file into main window to be open as database
  24. Syntax highlighter for html source
  25. Save and restore toolbar position
  26. ...