Mybase Server 8.x ChangeLog

Version 8.0 Beta-5

  1. added: default privilege schemes for viewers, editors and anonymous accounts to be ready for use at initial installation.
  2. bugfix: in the [Upload files as attachments] dialog box, the X tool button for removing upload entries may not work.

Version 8.0 Beta-4

  1. added: the event log viewer in the administrative control panel for administrators to inspect server event logs via the web interface.
  2. added: the hyperlinks in the database entry list for an individual database to be open for editing from in the administrative control panel.
  3. fixed: the verbose debug messages of tcp events with active sockets listed may bloat debug log files.
  4. fixed: the server build time may be shown incorrectly.
  5. fixed: the server program for linux/macOs didn't inherit umask settings from Systemd/Shell.
  6. Minor fixes/changes.

Version 8.0 Beta-3

  1. fixed: image display size in markdown contents not limited to the content view port.
  2. added: the new build for Linux (armhf) which might be running in devices based on the ARM architecture.
  3. changed: the repo/log folder location for linux now defaults to /var/opt/MybaseServer/[Repository,Logs] at setup.
  4. fixed: the install script may not work with those legacy sysv/init.d based linux systems.

Version 8.0 Beta-2

  1. fix: the server may respond ReferenceError of 'id' on running queries with legacy index data generated with the desktop edition.
  2. fix: session countdown timer may stop working after current session timed out and re-logged in.
  3. fix: re-logging in while current session is still active may run into problems.

Version 8.0 Beta

  1. Initial release of the server edition v8.x