InnoKB Server ChangeLog

Version 2.2.3

  1. Fixed: security issues; [Urgent]

Version 2.2.2

  1. Fixed: the attachment list view may unexpectedly disappear from in the main frame layout;
  2. Fixed: '_linklist' command not enabled for anonymous to retrieve related info items;

Version 2.2.1

  1. Fixed: inserting images into HTML content at caret using IE web browser;
  2. Improvement: enabled '_profile' command for anonymous users to save preferences on server;

Version 2.2

  1. Relocated the query history list at the last band of tool bar;
  2. Fixed a bug that was possibly causing bad performance during UTF-8 decoding;
  3. Added a statistics page automatically counting info items for each editors;
  4. Auto-detection of UTF-8 encoded text files, no matter if BOM exists in file headers;
  5. Some improvements on text encoding for consistency, see below notes:

Version 2.1

  1. Added: the 'item links' feature which allows you to add related items; As the new commands '_linklist, _link, _unlink' added, the privileges should be adjusted accordingly for this feature to work normally;
  2. Added: the 'show label path' option which allows to show/hide the full label path; If this option is disabled, only the leaf labels are shown in the items list;
  3. Added: the up/down arrow icon beside column headers of the items list to indicate if it's sorted in the order of increasing or decreasing;
  4. Added: the right-arrow icon in the items list to indicate which one is currently opened;
  5. Added: a few quick links 'newest, updated, labelled, unlabelled, any', which are handy to run the frequent queries;
  6. Added: the 'label with selection' menu item, which allows to label info items by using the selected text within its content;
  7. Added: the query history list, which keeps all recent queries in the list, so that you can go back to a history query with ease;
  8. Added: size limit added for file uploads, 10MB by default and customizeable;
  9. Added: detect bad http request headers which are too long;
  10. Improved: when adding new info items, clicking the 'label' box opens the label tree;
  11. Improved: in the query form, multiple labels can be specified in any queries;
  12. Improved: in the query form, date created and date modified can be specified in any queries;
  13. Fixed: a bug in htm.dll, which parsed .html source incorrectly, and failed to retrieve text;
  14. Fixed: solved the 'pipe broken' problem on Sun Solaris for sparc;
  15. Fixed: the Enter accepted within HTML source editing;

Version 2.0

  1. Big changes: Unlike v1.x, InnoKB 2.0 introduced the 'labels and sub labels' feature for categorizing info items, and replaced the old tree outline that is cumbersome to manage a large number of info items on the web browser platform, If you'd want to migrate databases created in v1.x to v2.0, you'd need to create a label tree, and apply labels to existing info items accordingly. The main reason of this change is that mixing categories and info items into a single tree outline view bloats the data transfer and memory usage for the tree structure, and could heavily slow down the web interface, especially with those databases containing thousands of info items or more. Note that the v2.0 database file specs are Not fully back compatible with v1.x, so please be sure to create backups for the v1.x databases before upgrading to v2.0.
  2. By using labels and sub labels, info items can also be categorized into the tree structure and have more flexibilities.
  3. InnoKB server 2.0 writes logs specifically for audit purpose, and log filenames are date-based and customizable.
  4. It's more convenient within v2.0 to select and filter info items by running specific queries. Clicking on a label automatially runs a query with the label and lists resulting info items.
  5. Ability to search across databases, and labels can be combined into search critera.
  6. Ability to sort search results by clicking on the list headers, clicking the headers again toggles the sequence between increasing and decreasing.
  7. Ability to save preferences in user's profile on the server.
  8. The improved web interfaces for viewers, editors and administrators work more smoothly in the web browser platform.
  9. The indexing process in the administrator interface has been improved. Unlike v1.0, this version will not lock up the server any more during the indexing process, and the server continues responding to Ajax requests from clients, and the indexing priority can be adjustable at any time.
  10. New localization mechanism provided, v2.0 uses .INI files for viewer, editor and administrator interfaces, instead of .JS files, for the convenience of translating the web interfaces to the end-user's native language. The default localization files in English are included in the server pack, which can be the templates for translating the interfaces.
  11. The viewer and editor privilege schemes provided, so it'd be easier to grant privileges for viewers and editors.